Our Equipment

What kind of camera do you use? My staple is the Canon 40D.

What kind of lens? I use a variety of lenses depending on the circumstances, but the 24-70 f/2.8L is my favorite because of its ability to do high-speed action shots and close-up detailed shots.


Do you do photograph other animals besides dogs? Absolutely! Although most of my business is made up of dogs, I have experience handling all kinds of animals including reptiles, parrots, cats, and more.

Can I be in some of the pictures with my pet? I encourage it. Nothing is more inspiring to me than people who love their pets and want to be seen smooching them. Just remember that my photography style is candid, so don’t be afraid to get a little silly with your pet.

What if the weather is bad? We are lucky to live in Southern California where the weather is gorgeous 90% of the time, but if Mother Nature isn’t on our side and it is raining the day of the shoot, I will reschedule free of charge.

How long do sessions last? Sessions can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as 3 hours depending on your pet, the available lighting, and the location. I will keep shooting until I feel comfortable that I have a variety of beautiful shots.

My dog is crazy. Will you still photograph him? Of course I will. Your dog is more cooperative than you think. Plus I know all the tricks and have loads of patience. I also have experience with even the most rambunctious dogs including a deaf Frenchie who never sat still. Check her out in the gallery, her name is Lily. I have been very successful with timid dogs as well.

Booking, Payment, and Ordering

How do I book a session? Contact me via the contact page or call me directly. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you and answer any questions you might have.

What areas do you consider local? For no extra charge, I will travel within 20 miles of zipcode 92821 (Brea). If you live outside my area and would like to hire me, please inquire about travel costs.

Do you require a deposit? At this time, I don’t require a deposit for local shoots. However, payment for your package is due at the time of the photoshoot.

How much does it cost? Packates start at $250 and prints start at $20 each, but I sometimes run specials. Check out my blog to look for any promotions. You can also order custom products including notecards, and professionally-bound coffee table books.

What forms of payment do you take? I take cash, credit card, and personal check.

What if I want to order more prints six months from now? No problem! I guarantee that your prints will be available for one year although I may remove them from the gallery section after two months. If it has been longer than two months and your pet is not listed in the gallery, contact me and I will make your pictures available for print.

What if I want some of my photos printed in black and white? No problem, I shoot everything in color and then offer a few prints in b&w. Some shots are just more dramatic that way. If you are looking for a special shot in b&w or all your prints in b&w, please let me know.

Can I get my photos on disk? Yes, I offer high resolution download files of your prints, please contact me for pricing.