I am Andrew Lee…dog photographer extraordinaire or “dog photog” as I like to call it. I developed when, after complaining about my job, my wife told me to follow my passion. She told me to think of my favorite thing to do and make a career out of it. This is it!

My passion for photography began at age 12 when I took a photography class in preparation for a trip to Australia. I came back from the two-week trip with 20 rolls of used film! Then, when digital cameras arrived on the scene, I had to have one. If you know me, you know I love my technology! Once I got my first digital camera, I couldn’t be stopped. On a more recent trip to Indonesia, I took a whopping 3,500 pictures. I’m easy to spot on vacation. I’m the touristy looking one with the giant camera and backpack with his nose buried in the camera.

You might be surprised to find out that as a kid, I never had any dogs. My first experience with them was when I started dating my wife over 10 years ago. I was shocked at the little “moto” roaming the house. [We call our dogs “motos” because of the Motorola commercials a few years ago that said “Hello Moto.” The saying provokes a hilarious head turn from our little fawn pug Pookie and it made us laugh so much that it stuck.] Ever since that day I have been in love…with dogs and the joy they give us. Okay, okay I was in love with my wife too.

As a pet photographer, I love to capture the spirit of animals. As you can probably tell my style is candid, playful and energetic. I specialize in fun on-location photography sessions at beaches, parks, homes, and just about anywhere your pet feels comfortable enough to let loose. My muses are my two pugs Pookie and Pugoda. Well, enough about me…I would love to hear about you and your fur baby.