I specialize in capturing the unique spirit and character of your pet. I shoot on-location anywhere your pet will shake loose and let their unique personality shine …your house, the beach, the park, wherever. I find that shooting on-location is much better than shooting pets in a studio because they are most comfortable in the places they know and are more likely to “ham it up” for the camera.

During the shoot I will roll around, play fetch, cuddle, and get dirty with your pet in the pursuit of that perfect picture. You and your pet will have a blast and preserve memories that will last a lifetime, all at the same time.

When I arrive at your house on the day of the shoot, I like to ease into things. We all know how excited pets get when meeting someone new, so I want to give them a chance to sniff and get to know me. No doubt, they will also be trying to get to know my pugs Pookie and Pugoda too. This is a good time for us to discuss where you would like to take pictures and for me to evaluate the spaces for lighting. Although your pet is probably most comfortable meeting me in your home, I can also meet you at a separate shoot location if you would rather shoot there.

During our time together expect some high-energy playtime and some resting time. I will ask a lot of your dogs in terms of attention so they may get a little tired. They won’t lose interest though as I will reward them with treats when I want them to do something special (for example, sit or stay). That said, don’t think your pet has to be sitting still the whole time. Some of the best pictures I have are of dogs just being dogs.

Every dog is a little different in terms of behavior and I have experience dealing with every extreme…from the rambunctious French Bulldog to the extremely shy Beagle. I totally understand that some pets do better on a leash and others are fine without it. I am an expert at removing leashes from pictures with Photoshop so don’t think that if your dog has to be on a leash that the park is out of the question. I will work with your dog’s abilities and comfort level to get the best shots possible and have a fun, no-pressure session.